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Why is Garage Granite a better choice than other coatings?

Garage Granite is a three-layer commercial grade coating that is much stronger than conventional garage floor coatings. Our proprietary chemistry is formulated specifically for Calgary’s climate. Garage Granite is designed to withstand those repeated freeze-thaw cycles, the damaging affects of sand & road salt and still look remarkable year after year.

What colour options are available?

Garage Granite floor finishes come in a stunning array of simulated granite finishes.

What if my floor has been painted?

Our concrete preparation process of diamond grinding and shot-blasting will remove any existing paint.

What about cracks in my floor?

All cracks and concrete damage are repaired and ground smooth prior to the application of Garage Granite. Extensive cracking or concrete repairs may be subject to an additional charge.

Is Garage Granite chemical resistant?

Garage Granite is resistant to a wide variety of harsh chemicals, including road salt.

Will my Garage Granite floor be slippery?

Concrete floor finishes can be very slippery when water or snow are present. To protect you and your family, all Garage Granite floor finishes are installed with a slip-resistant surface.

How long does it take to install Garage Granite?

Garage Granite can be installed in just one day. Weather conditions and extensive concrete repairs may extent the installation time.

How important is concrete preparation?

Concrete preparation is the critical element in establishing a lasting bond between the concrete and your new floor finish. Our dustless diamond grinding & shot-blasting preparation process guarantees a permanent bond.

Does Garage Granite give off any harmful odors?

Garage Granite has no harmful odors, contains no volatile compounds and is not hazardous to people or the environment.

Does Garage Granite offer a warranty?

Yes, all Garage Granite floor finishes are backed by our exclusive 10-year warranty.

How do I get a price to install Garage Granite?

Simply call us a 403.651.9935 or complete the request form on this site. A Garage Granite representative will arrange an appointment to evaluate your garage floor, discuss colour options and will give you a firm price to install Garage Granite. There is no cost or obligation for this service.

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Garage Granite is an epoxy flooring company serving Calgary and surrounding area in residential garage coatings for 10 years, and commercially for over 25 years with exceptional customer service and professional application.

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