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Residential Applications

The following is some of the work that we have completed over the years. Please look through this collection for a better understanding of the potential of our epoxy floor finish. As you will note, upgrading your floors to our epoxy finish changes your garage dramatically. We believe that this will also add to your homes resale value in a big way. Just think, when a potential buyer opens the door to the garage expecting to see an old boring, cracked cement floor, they will now see your new epoxy garage floor! There is no denying that they will consider your home over others. Right now you can have this all for yourself and enjoy all the benefits saving you thousands on continued repair costs.


Repair A

Repair BRepair CRepair D

This application can also be applied to basements and commercial building cement floors. No one wants a boring cracked patchwork cement floor. Uplift them now with our epoxy finish.

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Garage Granite is an epoxy flooring company serving Calgary and surrounding area in residential garage coatings for 10 years, and commercially for over 25 years with exceptional customer service and professional application.

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