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Garage Granite believes in doing the job right the first time—every time. That's why we only use the highest quality products that have been time tested and superior in every way. Our exclusive epoxy floor finishes are durable, have excellent bond strength, protects against moisture penetration, has a long-term abrasion and corrosion resistancy, and is environmentally safe. This epoxy finish can withstand our harsh winter conditions, those repeated freeze-thaw cycles and the damaging affects of sand and road salt, and still look remarkable year after year. The epoxy floor process creates a beautiful gloss finish that's stunning to look at and is easily maintained.

Our epoxy finishes are made from a combination of the finest materials and the latest chemistry, are stronger than conventional garage floor coatings, and has a tenacious bond to concrete.

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Garage Granite is an epoxy flooring company serving Calgary and surrounding area in residential garage coatings for 10 years, and commercially for over 25 years with exceptional customer service and professional application.

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